Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity Program


The Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity program works directly with housing representatives to develop awareness of newcomer communities; build capacity to work with various cultural groups and provide cultural sensitivity training. The program is responsive to the newcomer demographics in London. The goal of this program is to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all residents.

The program has developed tools and resources for multiple cultural groups now residing in our London community. Newcomer groups include Syrian refugees; Latin American refugees from Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, and Venezuela; Nepalese-speaking/Bhutanese refugees; Mandarin (Chinese)-speaking students; and French-speaking communities. 

Tools and resources are available free of charge to support the housing sector. For more information and to receive our tools, contact Maria Palacio, Project Coordinator via email: maria [at] (maria[at]lusocentre[dot]org) OR via telephone: 519-452-1466 (office), 226-235-9152 (cell).

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