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Northeast Youth Support Program

Who we help

Youth that are 11-19 living in Northeast London and Argyle area.


To provide meaningful opportunities for young people to develop skills and become actively engaged in their community.


Our goal is to enhance and support young people through their various life transitions, while empowering them to become more actively involved in their community. LUSO’s Youth Support Program is a platform for young people to have a voice in decisions that impact them. These programs are offered at no charge and some of the priority areas cover:
  • Relationships & Inclusion
  • Leadership Development & Community Engagement
  • Education & Skill Building
  • Healthy Eating & Physical Activity
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"Many of the ideas for the youth support programs come from the youth themselves. When I began this work I had my own ideas, but I have grown to understand that the youth voice is the most powerful base of the programming.  The focus in my programs is on relationship.  Relationship is key as it allows youth to open up and to make it okay to be different.  We underestimate the ability of youth who have such great ideas flowing in their brains.  To get to those ideas we have to ask the questions.”   -Youth Support Worker

"Even though the youth change and the group grows, there is one thing that has stayed the same and that is Meagan and LUSO's commitment to supporting youth and their needs while inspiring them and teaching them to follow their dreams. Y.O.L.O has taught me not just skills to become a better leader but a better person. To me it is not just a group of youth coming together to work in our community, we are a family of youth that work together to bring happiness to our community while becoming closer in the process"- Curtis, Y.O.L.O participant   


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LUSO would not exist without the support of the major funders below. We are thankful for their support and ongoing commitment to helping us achieve our mission. 

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