About LUSO

We understand the needs of the community because we have been a part of its fabric for over 40 years.

We are committed to the diversity and the well-being of individuals in our London community.

Mission Statement

LUSO Community Services is a non-profit multicultural neighbourhood resource centre dedicated to promoting inclusiveness, well-being and the prosperity of the London community.

We Believe.....

  • that there is strength in numbers and beauty in diversity
  • that the uniqueness of traditions and cultures must be respected
  • that the joining of participants with common goals is a strength that will better the conditions of the community


  • To provide educational programs which help individuals in need to improve their life, and to conduct activities that will lead to the reduction of poverty, unemployment and job loss
  • To provide educational and other social service programs for children and youth with a sensitivity to their racial, cultural and financial backgrounds
  • To provide services and educational programs which facilitate the integration of immigrants or refugees in need into the community
  • To provide charitable social services to members of the multi-lingual and multi-cultural groups living within the communities serviced by the Centre

More About LUSO

LUSO Community Services was originally formed in 1979 as Portuguese Community Services. At the time, the focus was to assist Portuguese immigrants to integrate into the Canadian socio-political and cultural environment. Today, we provide a variety of programs and services with a holistic approach to serving our community. Our programs support children, youth and families of culturally diverse backgrounds.

Become A Donor

Help bring a smile to families in North East London !!

LUSO would not exist without the support of the major funders below. We are thankful for their support and ongoing commitment to helping us achieve our mission. 

United Way -  Elgin Middlesex I R C C