LUSO serving the community

Information & Orientation Services

Who we help

Government Assisted Refugees and Permanent residents to Canada needing settlement support.


We provide immigrants and newcomers with the guidance, tools, knowledge and confidence needed to successfully integrate into their new community.


Settlement Counsellors provide newcomers with individualized support, advocacy, information, and referrals on settlement and integration related issues. Settlement Counsellors provide one to one needs assessment to help clients with immediate settlement needs such as housing, health care, education, employment, immigration issues etc. In addition, Group sessions are organized to address key and pertinent issues that support successful integration and community involvement.

LUSO making a difference

unique clients were served in a one to one setting.
clients attended workshops on fire safety, domestic violence and social assistance supports.

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LUSO would not exist without the support of the major funders below. We are thankful for their support and ongoing commitment to helping us achieve our mission. 

United Way -  Elgin Middlesex I R C C