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Newcomer families and youth


We offer opportunities for newcomer families and youth to build social connections and learn about Canadian culture to support their integration into their new community. 


Through Community Connections programming, families and youth have the opportunity to build social networks and friendships, develop new skills such as;  language and receive information about important issues to assist with successful integration.
Throughout the year different activities and events are planned that allow families to meet other families that are new to Canada, learn about their community and simply spend time as a family.

LUSO making a difference

unique youth & adults accessed programming
special events offered through Community Connections

"LUSO is a leading institution that seeks to spread Canadian culture to newcomers, of whom I am one of. LUSO has taught me much information.... It introduced me to a better way of life with certain sessions highlighting the health system, the bussing system, simple mandatory things that are difficult for us as newcomers to get such as basic documents and the ability to improve our English in conversational circles. I would advise anyone who doesn't attend LUSO to attend, it has been a blessing for myself and many others around me, simple, helpful recommendations and information that I wouldn't be able to obtain is being given to me in an easy manner"  -Faheam, Community Connections client

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LUSO would not exist without the support of the major funders below. We are thankful for their support and ongoing commitment to helping us achieve our mission. 

United Way -  Elgin Middlesex I R C C