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LUSO Community Services is a non-profit multicultural community centre dedicated to promoting inclusiveness, well-being, and the prosperity of the London community.



  • there is strength in numbers, and there is beauty in diversity.
  • the uniqueness of traditions and cultures should be embraced.
  • the joining of participants with common goals is a strength that will better the conditions of the community.


  • To provide services and educational programs which facilitate the integration of immigrants or refugees in need into the community.

  • To provide educational programs which help individuals in need to improve their life skills, and to conduct activities that will lead to the reduction of poverty, unemployment and job loss.

  • To provide educational and other social service programs for children and youth with a sensitivity to their racial, cultural and financial backgrounds.

  • To provide charitable social services to members of the multi-lingual and multi-cultural groups living within the communities serviced by the Centre.


LUSO Community Services is committed to ensuring the inclusion of individuals in the community regardless of their ethnic, racial, religious or cultural diversity. 

We focus on working in partnership with other agencies and groups to provide programs and services that promote better understanding and increased integration of different cultures.

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